How to get MULTIFAN-CL

MULTIFAN-CL and associated programs and documentation are made available to the scientific community free of charge. However, all software and documentation are copyrighted, and availability of the software is subject to a license that places some minor restrictions on use and distribution <view license>. These restrictions permit licensees to distribute unaltered copies of the software, but not derivative works based on it. Licensees are not permitted to use the software for commercial purposes, unless they get the licensor’s permission.

In order to download the software from this web site, you will need to agree to these license conditions and register on the form provided. Whilst you are able to provide unaltered copies of the software to others, it is recommended that they also register on the web site, so that we can keep track of who is using MULTIFAN-CL. In this way, users can be advised of software developments, bugs (heaven forbid!) and other issues

We wish to promote wide (and wise) use of MULTIFAN-CL and we encourage users to give us feedback on all aspects of the software and documentation. We also would like to collaborate with serious users in further developing the software. If you wish to suggest how the software might be further developed (and in particular if you have funding or other resources to make it happen), contact the MULTIFAN-CL Development Team through the web site

While the MULTIFAN-CL source code is not currently available for downloading, we are happy to provide source code to serious users for development and learning purposes. Contact the MULTIFAN-CL Development Team if you fall into this category.